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Chris RW

Anyone with experience of a Conseal plug?

Hi everyone,

I have an end colostomy and I hear that some people use a Conseal plug instead of a bag during the day.
I know you have to have regular solid bowel movements to use this product and you have to be able to regulate matters.

I know Charter make it (I have their colostomy bags).

I'm going to speak to my colorectal nurse about it but before I do I just wondered if anyone had experience of using it?

Love Chris X
PS Thinking of you all as usual


Hi @Chris RW

Sorry, no info about colostomy, just world expert on ileostomy (?).

But good to hear from you, how are you doing?

Don't forget the ileostomy association for practical tips as well as all the support here.

Chris RW

I'm doing really well thanks. Half way through chemo now (and with very few side effects so far, oh apart from total hair loss!). The chemo time is going faster than I thought and I'm looking forward with optimism to the future.
Onward and upward (God willing)


Hi Chris was just wondering if you have tried the plug yet ? I'm due to have my Ileostomy closed off and my Colostomy activated so I'm also thinking along the lines of using the Plug, only issue for me is that I've lost my sigmoid colon and the majority of my descending colon so my stools may be too soft for this to work, hope not but we'll see. Do you know which parts of your colon got took away ?

Tony M

Chris RW

I've got an end colostomy, it was part of the sigmoid they removed, but how much I've no idea.
I finished my last chemo (of a course of 6 sessions) just over 3 weeks ago. I asked the doctor how long it was before all the chemo left your body and he said about 6 weeks.
I have my post chemo scan this week (very nervous!) and then the week after I see the consultant for the results and to see if I require any radiotherapy or any other treatment.

So I've decided to wait another 2 weeks until I have a full picture then go and see my colorectal nurse about using the Conseal plug.

My main aim is to have a reversal some time in the future.
When I asked my colorectal surgeon pre surgery if a reversal was possible sometime in the future he said it would depend on my overall health. So I want to try the plug in the interim.
To be honest I'm amazed there aren't more people using it.

Anyway after I've seen my colorectal nurse I'll get back in touch with you and let you know what she says.

Best of luck.


Hi all,

I have had a non-non-reversable stoma for about 4 years now. If you have had the misfortune of the same procedure, then please give irrigation a go. It is light years ahead of carrying around a bag. I irrigate every day and incorporate it into the morning process. It really only adds about 15 minutes to the shower, teeth clean etc. I use the Coloplast plugs and they are short of being ideal, but they are great and the only real option I can find. Once every 5-6 weeks I find that following a dodgy curry, I need to put a bag on, but that lasts generally only until the following morning where I continue to irrigate and use a plug.

Initially I started just doing the irrigation thing and used a bag, but I hate the bag flapping about so use a plug. The key thing is really the irrigation component, once the gizzards are flushed out each morning, you won't find bowel movements during the day, at all and no gas. The advantages are significant versus the negatives in filling up a water container, sleeve etc to do the irrigation process. I was told it would take me at least an hour and I could only use the plug for 8-12 hours. Fortunately I don't find that, I find I take about 30mins all up and I wear the plug for 24+ hours. I irrigate each day as otherwise it really starts to feel gross, but I have gone 2+ days without issue and incidentally using the same plug ie 48 hours.

I intend to put a video together (without the yuck bits) and post it. I am sure it might help some people out plus tips I have discovered, eg. I bought a few cheap soft compact camera cases which I put a bag, a rubbish bag and some tissues in. I leave these in the car, office briefcase etc and then if I am out to dinner say, I can quickly deal with the issue and get back to it.

Happy to chat more if you guys need a hand.