Younger people with bowel cancer


Hey Everyone!

Hey guys!

I'm a 32 yr old male and I have recently been diagnosed with colo-rectal and liver cancer, of which there is a fair bit :( I havn't actually been told my staging, tho i can tell by the way I have been rushed onto chemo (fol-fori) it's very advanced.

My bowels had been very erractic for the past 8-12 months, at the start of the year I became very constipated, GP prescriped Laxido, which eventually started to help things along.

Forward to the last week of April, when I started developing a very heavy, and severe pain in my liver. Which led me bringing myself into A&E. I told the docs I had a bad pain in my liver, tho they were certain it was my appendix/gallstone. Was too young, apparently, to have Liver problems. Few days later an MRi revealed I had several large liver lesions, largest being 8.2x8x8 CM another of similar size and others dotted around the liver. Let home and scheduled for the biopsy 3 weeks later. Done the biopsy and went of holiday happy as larry, as one of the registers said I was fine to drink. Given I thought it was drink related, i figured it wasn't anything serious. Had a few beers on holidays, which mainly resulted in me violently spewing my guts every where. I came home severely drained of energy/strength, knowing something was in fact, seriously wrong with me.

Was first told on the 16th of May that my lesions were in fact malignant tumours, suspected of being secondary. A further colonscopy revealed the primary to be colo-rectal, still waiting on the biopsy results of this, tho its pretty certain.

Started my first treatment Monday (fol-fori).

This was all pretty devastating to hear first of, but I am absolutely determined to beat this thing back to where it came from!

Look forward to engaging with you all on this journey!



Great news @Sean . Keep us posted on the grand ablation!:x::x:


Good news @Sean . Good luck with ablation 👍👍👍


Keeping everything crossed for you @Sean . Let us know how you get on :x::x::x:


Good news and good luck :x::x::x:


Awesome news @Sean :x:


Brilliant news, Kim :x::x:


Great news @Sean I've been thinking of you. Glad to hear your back on it, well done. :x: :x:


Great news @Sean! You're a star!!

Lots of love



❤️❤️❤️ Fab news!!!!! Best of luck with the ablation :x::x::x:


Great news @Sean. Good luck for the ablation :x::x:


thanks everyone! B@stards thought they had me huh... Im just not having it.

So we got rid of two tumours and pulled another 2 back in at over %100 reduction.

Im still kinda on my first line treatmeant - which is great!? Only change is capecitabine tabs for 5fu. Done me 42nd chemo sesh Thursday.

Im dosing round about 500mg THC per night with this -takes away most of the side effects.

Physically im in pretty good shape but ive taken an incredible amount of mental punishment the last few months.

The liver surgeon is still keen for me to have the bowel op - done a pet scan for the bowel surgeon to see what he thinks.. Where my bowel tumour was, means removing the whole lot. So im keen to avoid that if my bowel comes back NED again, tho it looked like there was something on the ct.

Should get the pet results Thursday....

Thanks again!:x:


Very best wishes for your scan results @Sean :x:


All is sounding pretty darn good @Sean!! You are doing amazingly well in what has been tough circumstances for you 💪🏻! And it's great to hear the ablation word too!
All the best for Thursday and fingers crossed for those results.:x::x:


@Sean your updates have given me a bit of a boost - so good to hear some positives and that there are plans in the pipeline moving forward. I dread pet ct scans and waiting for results, will be having my next ones in November once I complete this lot of treatments 😳. Everything crossed for you :x::x::x:

Quote from @mem:
All is sounding pretty darn good @Sean!! You are doing amazingly well in what has been tough circumstances for you 💪🏻! And it's great to hear the ablation word too!
All the best for Thursday and fingers crossed for those results.

Hello @mem ! see ya got 6 months of treatment? enjoy that!

@Polly68 hey! glad it has.. so easy for this crap to drag you into the pits. We just gotta pushing forward with it all. See you got diagnosed the same month as me pretty much.

How are you finding folfox? did they offer capox otherwise?, they did to me and it was kinda like, which one do you want...haha. Tho I only done one cycle of capox then switched back. Supposed to be just as effective as each other.


Wow @Sean this is so so fab! Brilliant! Now I know we all want to hear how you get on, can you do a new post vs updating this one so easier for find?? Just for us stalkers lol!!! Well done again will raise a glass to you on Mon :x::x:


Thankyou, @Sean I'm giving it a good go! :x::x::x:


Really interesting you are on the htc @Sean is it the drops that you make yourself? Do you think that is helping with your recovery? I wish they would hurry up and provide it for medical use so you don't have to get your pots and pans out and u tube it!! Annie :x: :x:

Bear G

Sounds like you really are smashing it @Sean!
Big hugs

El Ivan

Great to read your update @Sean and loving that you’re smashing hell out of it. Good luck for PET scan results too. 😃👍