Life with bowel cancer



Can anyone recommend a good book dealing with nutrition and the ideal diet when fighting this type of cancer? It's my mum, rather than me, who has bowel cancer, but as I'm not sure how much advice she's had about healthy eating, a book might be helpful.

I'm sure that during chemo, to an extent, it's going to be best to eat whatever she fancies, but I know lots of people do make some changes to their diet after diagnosis.

I've seen a reference to a book called the Rainbow Diet online - has anyone read it and would they recommend it?

Thanks :)


@gga00, you've received a long list of books under your other post :)


Thanks @Brian, I hadn't seen that and thanks @Smiley2 too!


Hi @gga00, I am currently seeing nutritionalist, Jenny Phillips, who had cancer in 2008. She now helps other cancer patients and has written a book that you can buy from Amazon. Eat to outsmart cancer. Definitely recommend it. Best of luck to you hugs Diane :x::x: