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Chris RW

Advice re hair ladies please!

So after 5 months of being totally bald I'm more than happy to have some hair at last! It's been growing 4 months now. I've coloured it for years so knew it would be grey when it grew back but I quite like the new colour and I've decided to stick with it.
What I don't like however are the waves and curls!! The texture is rougher than it was and its growing back as though I've had flipping pin curls in! I hate it.
It's a pixie cut at the moment, I've had it trimmed once at the hairdressers. She said have it cut little and often and that it was unruly and needed training (but like my good self then!).
It needs to grow longer so at least I can then have a go with the straighteners but in the mean time it looks like a Norfolk terrier!
My aim is quite a short bob, longer on top than the back, but if it keeps waving and curling like it is I can see how I can achieve that.
Has anyone experience of this and any tips or advice to give me?
Or am I doomed to 'short and curlies' forever?!



@Chris RW as you know I too am struggling with the Ronald McDonald look! My hairdresser suggests I keep it in this short pixie cut and keep my semi permanent (less damaging) red colour for now, apparently it can take 2 years to sort itself out! (I guess it's like we have baby hair, think how cute those ringlets look on toddlers..but not on us fully grown women!).
I asked could I at least go blonde as I never have been, having always been told "you can grow it long or bleach it blonde, you can't have both!" and he won't do that either as it's still delicate baby hair.
I feel very self conscious having such short unruly curls, I feel your wavy pain! :) x There's a shampoo I haven't tried myself but keeps popping up on my timeline as a good shampoo for growth and strength post chemo, "Waterman's grow me" I think. Can't personally vouch for it but it may get you through that difficult mid way stage and get weight in it to pull the curls down a bit. :x:

Chris RW

2 years? OMG I was hoping to be looking a bit sleeker by spring!
I'll have a look for that shampoo. I feel conscious too but there is nothing we can do about it is there.
It doesn't help when you meet people for the first time either and they exclaim "Oh your hair is curly!" As though
you don't know!


Good morning, @Chris RW, I didn't go bald on folfox, but I cut it into a really short stacked bob, but much longer at the front, as it thinned quite a bit. My hair grew back very curly in the back where it was short- (I have normally dead-straight hair.)
After about six months it grew back straight again. But it could be that it finally got longer and the weight of it made it straight.
That is great that you love the new color- yay! Nice not having to color it anymore!! I think Norfolk Terriers are pretty cute!! ;)


Hi @Chris RW
I have exactly the OPPOSITE problem and I' m not happy either! During chemo I lost about half my hair so I have gone from a lifetime of thick curly hair to thin, sleek straight hair that looks pathetic and odd.
I have always loved that post- hair loss short look; it looks brave and defiant and flattering!
So i suppose what we are really moaning about is that we are no longer the people we used to be, which takes a lot of getting used to.

Chris RW

Hi there,
I'm hoping mine gets straighter as it gets longer but if so its going to have to look a whole lot worse bfore it gets better. You are right Lizalou I'm definitely not who I was before, mentally or physically. I'm very well physically at present so am more than grateful for that! But when I look in the mirror I think who the hell is that?
Even a year after diagnosis there are still 'firsts' I'm having to go through. Last week was the first time friends saw me without my wig, I had to take a deep breath before I walked into the room (cos I knew everyone was looking at my hair and thinking thank God it's not me).
Hair is such a big issue for women, I've never really liked my looks but I've always loved my hair.
Hey ho, such is life eh.
love to you all


Hi @Chris RW when my hair grew back it was very dark and my sister's named me poodle head which tells you something about the texture. I hated it, after years of being a straight haired blonde, I just didn't feel like me. It had just recently started to straighten when I started more chemo and it's falling out again grrr. I know it's frustrating, what about wigs? I quite liked mine. :x::x:


@Alwyn I have considered digging my wigs out again! At leaast I look like me in those :) :x::x:


Hi @Chris RW , my daughter lost all her hair with chemo and when it started to,grow back I'm afraid I laughed - it was really bushy and curly, just like it was when she was 10 years old! She persevered and just let it grow. Now it is long and luscious again. Her chemo was 3 years ago and now we can't even remember what it was like when she lost it. Having it cut didn't even pop up on her radar, she had it long since her early teens and wanted it back as quickly as possible. Go for it! :x::x:


Hi @Chris RW. I have the weirdest hair thing going on too! Since starting on Folfiri and Cetuximab in Feb My hair thinned so much it was horrible down (it was about shoulder length dyed blonde) I wore it in a ponytail from about May onwards. Around August It occurred to me that it had stopped falling out and is now growing back in even although I'm still on chemo and about to have my 18th cycle. I have the weirdest curly undergrowth going on all over! I just got it cut for the first time in about a year last week and it's looking almost like my old hair! I'm even using my straighteners and can't believe how it's survived....oh and also dyed it twice over the year using nice and easy!! I have a wig and never needed to use it! My plan is to just keep having it trimmed until the short and curly stuff catches up. Has anyone else experienced hair growing back in when still on chemo?? Xx?

Chris RW

Flipping heck, between us we could write a book on hair couldn't we! Think I'm just gonna have to grit my teeth and just have little trims as I go along, but basically try and slowly get it to a length when I can at least get my old hair straighteners on it.
Love to all you fab strong women.


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