Life with bowel cancer


5th YEAR All Clear

Had the results immediately after my colonoscopy last Thursday ~ "ALL CLEAR" ! ! ! :D
Followed by my 5th year CT scan last Friday, results still to be received by this Friday or next week.

I might be tempting fate, but with all the sad news lately I'm hoping my little bit of good news might lift the "fog" a tiny bit.

Actually my colonoscopy is only meant to be requested for June'17, which would be after my 5th anniversary in March'17 and will have to be requested via my GP.
And my 5th year CT scan is due in March'17.
I have a feeling that my medical team brought it all forward with the recent scare over hospital capacity, especially for A&E admittance.
I'd posted a previous thread noting the key 2nd year milestone (and anniversaries after that) for me, linked here just for completeness sake's.

Wishing you all, at least as good a treatment and recovery experience as I have had.
And in common with all of us, adding that little cautionary wish to avoid any recurrence.
All the very best from me.
p/s apologies, I could not help adding this "All Clear" pic which I found funny!
Hope I don't offend anyone!


Fantastic news @Dan-888!


Happy for you sweet cheeks @Dan-888 :D


Hi @Dan-888 only just seen your post, so happy for you, such amazing news :x::x::x::x::x::x:

lynn collier

Hi @Dan-888 even though I am grieving for my husband I am so pleased for you it good news for a change :x::x::x::x:


Absolutely made my day @Dan-888 😍 FANTASTIC 👍 :x::x:


Thank you so much @CD1966 , @Smiley2 :D :D :D , @DianeS , @Sparkles !!!

Quote from @lynn collier:
Hi @Dan-888 even though I am grieving for my husband I am so pleased for you it good news for a change

Thank you Lynn.
I always have a guilty feeling for having made it through when others I know have not.
Unfortunately I'd also lost my only sister to aggressive lung cancer since my treatments ended.
We will never forget them. They will want us to move on. But we just need time.
Hope you are bearing up as well as can be.
Just me.

lynn collier

Thank you dan again I’m pleased for you I am struggling as Barry was a amazing person yes I also lost my sister 1 1/2 years ago to cancer just take it day and live it to the full :x::x::x:

springer michelle

Sorry ive not been here much @Dan-888 but brilliant news. Must celebrate with you on a waffle house meet soon x c you then :x::x::x:


{{{ HUGS }}} @lynn collier , yes, a day at a time, and learn to keep it to the moment, the now.
Leave Yesterday behind and worry not about Tomorrow.
I think it's a very Buddhist thing?

Well hello again, and thank you so much @springer michelle !!!
Waffle house in St Alban's? When?


Well done @Dan-888, excellent news and keep up the positivity:) I am really pleased to hear of such good outcomes. We can get a bit overwhelmed with sad news on here, so thank you!
Sarah :x::x:

Quote from @springer michelle:
July i think

Many thanks for alerting me Michelle!
Please tag me in?
I am being energised recently to get on the forum but no doubt will slacken again!

Having met me, @SariDaffs , you know that I can't help but be a natural fool! :D Others too, have suffered.
We would not be human if we don't get down at least once in a while.
Not least when the big "C" descends upon us like a leaden cloak.

But maybe by being foolish one more easily forgets the bad stuff and allows the good stuff to shine through one's mind, and memories.
"Je ne regrette rien" ! :D

lynn collier

Thanks dan pity herts at other end for me as would have loved to come keep up ur positive thinking :x::x:


Sorry @lynn collier . I've not been very good at keeping up. Actually totally rubbish!
I don't know whereabouts you are as it's not in your profile.
No matter, we're still here with you online.
Cheers! Dan


@Dan-888 great news glad to hear all is going well with you.

(((Hugs from the rainforest)))



Hi again Sheila @suttons It's been such a long time!
Hope you are well? And no huge fires this past summer as in previous years?
Sorry if I'd missed any posts of yours. Especially your photos!
Haven't been visiting unless tagged, although I do try to remember to drop by once in a while.
(p/s I had written a reply just now but it seems to have disappeared? Sorry if there's another reply that pops up later!)


To be honest @Dan-888 I have been really slack and have not been on here that much. Today I am gong to oncology for my 5 year CT results so as usual the scanxiety had set in. My poor dog was taken out on an early morning walk but we managed to meet up with a few wallabies and bush turkeys also the fruit bat colony were coming home to roost. It was a great way to take my mind off of every thing and I arrived home feeling calm and collected. So here is to as good a result as you received.

(((Hugs from the rainforest)))



Hope your scan results were fine, @suttons ?
I just love to read your words as you write so well!
I can just imagine myself on the same walk as you!!!


Hi @suttons , Shiela and @Dan-888. So glad to say hi to you both. To think it’s 5 long years since we all came on this forum, dan you were such a help to me, remember all my anxious pms and emails?! I’ll never forget that feeling, and still think it could come back at any time! The feeling, and the cancer! Well, just wanted to say hi to you both and say good luck for the 5 year scan Sheila, I’m just a couple of months behind you. I miss your hugs from the rainforest!! :x::x::x:


Hi ya Ange!!! @angepange !!!
I'm so flattered that you remembered! It is only natural to have such concerns and I'm so pleased to hear that I was of some help way back when!
Hope you are well? You certainly look very good indeed!
We all continue to have a constant nagging worry of recurrence. Again, I think that's also quite a natural anxiety.
Probably more down to how good we are in blotting them out. They are never gone completely.
If one has lots of distracting interests to focus on instead, it is a whole lot easier.
I'm lucky in being childish as so much captivates and amuses me.