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Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Booklets for Stage 4

For anyone with advanced cancer, you may find our 'Treating metastases' booklet useful. It's available to download or order hard copies from our website:

Treating Metastases:

Here’s a link to all the leaflets and booklets:

Packed full of information about treatments, surgery options and patient stories, it's an informative and useful read.
Thank you.

(Links updated: December 2018 )


What a great and informative guide. Thanks for putting this together.


Thank you for this guide to stage 4. it's very informative and practical at the same time. Thank you so much @Elspeth . :x::x::x::x:


Downloaded thanks


Really excellent source of information and indeed guidance. Thank you to whoever compiled it.


The link does not work anymore. Could you post the new link?


It says error 404 i cannot open the link

Bear G

Hi @Elisa76
Thanks for flagging this, it’s a link that hasn’t been updated since the charities merged.

Here’s the link to Treating Metastases:

Here’s a link to all the leaflets and booklets:

Hope that helps

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Carolyn B

Thank you, this has helped to put my mind at rest and answer a few questions.
I have stage 4 with mets in my adrenal glands and liver. I am post op but awaiting the next stage which will probably be chemo.