Life with bowel cancer


Sky Diving with Portacath?

Anyone managed this before? mates are going in June.


@Sean mental with or without a portacath!!! ?

El Ivan

The maximum speed you are going to get to is around 120mph I think, I used to get way above that on my motorcycle with my portacath fitted and no problems @Sean
Have fun ?


@Sean I've certainly not 'managed this before!' Happy to watch you though. hugs, B :x::x:


Lol this made me laugh @Sean - I love your attitude, you let nothing get in your way!


@Sean I just love this question, nothing useful to say except i hope you can join your mates in June. :x::x:


Thanks for the replys guys! Annoyingly enough I was struck down with chronic constipation shortly after posting. On the back burner, for now?


@Sean - maybe ski diving is the solution not the laxatives! ?


Or I could just jump out the plane starkers. Get things going wouldn't it ?




Bloody hell @Sean , just the thought of a skydive would sort out my constipation!!!!


I'm gonna be doing this asap. Still not sure if I can with a portacath? @nurses


Lol this did make me laugh too @Sean sounded like the pirtacath should have been parachute. I have a portacath but will definitely not be sky diving with it, but best of luck to you. Diane :x:

Bear G

Hi @Sean

No idea is the short reply but it sounds like an amazing and crazy thing to do.

I suggest calling your consultants secretary with the question so you’ll get the official advice for you. Additionally, you’re likely to need a letter from your doctor to say you can do it.

Fingers crossed


cheers @DianeS @Bear G ive been wanting to do it for a while now. If it's do-able. I'll do it ;)


Hey @Sean you should definitely go for this, starkers too why the hell not, reach for the sky’s, literally!:x::x: