Stage 4 bowel cancer


Mindfullness app??

Hi all, I hope you are all doing well and keeping up the amazing positivity I see. Thank you for the messages I have received when I post, this page is a real life line and somewhere I feel I can get understanding and clarity on things so again a big thank you !

Our babies C Section is now booked for the 8th sept and our local hospital have been wonderful! They have made arrangements for Chris to be able to stay with me and are happy to accommodate any requests! (Within reason of course ;) )

We have the CT & PET a week today and the results for the 14th August!
Hoping, praying and keeping positive that there is some good news from this, it has seemed to be one thing after another with our dog having just fallen poorly unexpectedly too!

I have read a lot of comments on here about people talking about something called mindfulness? Is it an app on your phone / pad? Or a website?

Just thought it might help me calm my mind before the up and coming scans and results!

Thanks again

Sarah :x: :x: :x:


Hi Sarah - the app is called Headspace and you can trial it for free. It's pretty decent. Good luck and my best thoughts to you in all you are facing :x::x::x:

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@Fighting4hubs hello, I use the mindfulness app on my phone called daily calm. I wouldn't be without it now as I reach out to the many selections at different times of the day, you can also try it free. Good luck I hope you find the right one for you to help you through :x::x:

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Your c section is on my33rd wedding anniversary. How lovely. :x::x:


Hi @Fighting4hubs lovely to read baby news and keeping all crossed for your hubby results! I did a little mindfulness exercise earlier on Chemo day as was feeling pretty 'mental' with it all. Sit in room, think of 5 things you can hear? (Mine be TV, wind, building, ...) 5 things that are touching you (seat, clothes etc) and 5 things you can see! It's just a little trick to zone you 'into the present' and away from naughty head sending us down the negativity cancer death fest thought train we all do argh!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots love :x::x::x:


Hiya @Fighting4hubs I have the Headspace app on my phone - you can trial it for free but I then paid for a year I liked it so much. They have lots of different selections you can try. At the moment I am doing the 'Cancer' one which seems quite appropriate! I listen to it 20 mins a day whilst lying down on the floor doing my Alexander Technique homework. So two good things happening at the same time!

Love that mindfulness exercise @HH79 I am going to try that!


Hi @Fighting4hubs. As already stated, Headspace is excellent, and I also use another app, Buddhify, available on Google Play for about £2.00. Hope the scans are okay. Sending you lots of hugs. :x::x:


@Fighting4hubs , a very good free mindfulness app is Smiling Mind produced by Brisbane University. Good guided meditations for all occasions as well as a useful introduction to mindfulness. :x::x: