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I am a 57 year old who was diagnosed with bowel cancer March 2018. Where do I begin, 17 years ago I was diagnosed with systemic Lupus Erythematosus, better known as Lupus. It is an autoimmune disease, and to cut a long story short, my husband (who is Spanner on this forum) was told to tell our children aged 11 and 14 that I would not be coming out of hospital. I defied the odds, and am still here to tell the tale and medication free.
Didn’t think things could get any worse for us, but in March 2018 along came the dreaded bid C. It decided I was to be it’s next victim!
A year before,Having has a slight bleed, I went to the doctors to be told the famous words”looks like it’s probably internal piles!” If it occurs again come back and see me. My dad had passed 20 years earlier of bowel cancer but it didn’t change her view. No more bleeding , great no problem! Then inFebruary 2018, Suffered bad diarrhoea, bloody dodgy curry....... 3 days later back to the gp. I didn’t feel right, my gut instinct (pardon the pun!) was telling me something was wrong. After the usual prod and stomach check she listened to what I said and decided to send me for a referral . Then came the appointment for the hospital. Next was the famous colonoscopy, 10 cm up and any fool would be able to see on the screen a large mass. I surprised my self by telling the doctor that doesn’t look good!
I was referred to a lovely consultant who decided to send me for chemo /radio for 5 weeks at a hospital 11/2 hours away for five weeks. He gave me a gift of a temporary illeostomy in case the tumour expanded and blocked the bowel before hand. All went well and I was booked into theatre for my main operation in October . I had open surgery to remove the tumour which had shrunk and was nearly obliterated. The tumour had just touched the small bowel so he removed a small piece of that too. I was also to have a colostomy bag and my illeostomy closed. I looked like a patch work quilt adding to my c section scar!!! Recovery was good and in December I began mop up chemo of oxiplatin and capox.I suffered anaphylactic shock every cycle and was left with very bad peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. I finished chemo begging of July and to date my hands are nearly back to normal and my feet are improving well. I used Tiger balm on them, not sure if it worked or it was just luck, but certainly worth the few pounds to try.
5 weeks ago was the dreaded scan and appointment with oncologist. I was given the all clear and have only just been able to accept the news. I have seen a Paul satori councillor who has been fantastic and is more like a friend to me.
The only way I could deal with this diagnosis was to not tell anyone. Only my husband, two grown up sons , uncle who lives up the road and about 3 close friends knew. It must of been awful for my husband me not allowing him to tell his brothers etc , but he respected my wishes and we have Come out much stronger! I have tried to look at this forum for months, and it is only now that I can post. Thank you for supporting spanner, he did tell me snippets about you all and I look forward to reading and supporting you guys the way you have him. Hugs to all vivien.

25th January 2020 , was due to have my first yearly colonoscopy this week. Morning of beginning prep I got a phone call cancelling it! Thank god I hadn’t started drinking the rotten stuff! Rescheduled for 8th February.Movi prep yesterday was awful, kept being sick. Hospital advised to abandon timings sent with preparation and slow it right down. Managed to consume about one and a half of the required amount by 11 pm. Hardly no sleep as colonoscopy was 8.15 ! First colonoscopy through the stoma, wasn’t half as bad as I thought! Results..... All clear ... what a relief!
19th January, appointment with specialist nurse. Confirming colonoscopy completely clear, happy with everything so doesn’t want to see me until next scan. Am I really writing this or is it a dream?!
I feel so blessed and intend to live everyday to the last minute as we never know what’s round the corner. Keep fighting everyone, we can win this ! :x:

10th September 2020, latest update, specialist nurse phone consultation advises all still clear and nothing to be done for another 6 months. Living life to its max. Onwards and upwards, stay safe everyone :x:

1st vaccine done and 6 weeks later 2nd vaccine against covid 12 th March 2021. Sore arm and upset stomach seem to be only problem.