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I’m an ex-nurse from a long time ago when a diagnosis of bowel cancer was very bleak. We are both retired now, husband 67, I am 66. We have adult children living away and lovely grandchildren.

Husband had a High Anterior resection robotically on the 22nd November 2021. He is T3N1M0. He started 3months of Capox on 6th January.

He had actively had actively avoided the National screening at 60 and I didn’t know until I quizzed him about it when my own invitation appeared 18 months later. After a lot of hard talk from me - his brother had died of BC aged 50 - he agreed to take part. Nearly 3 years ago I noticed he was having changed bowel habits, I mentioned it to him and he waited to see if they resolved, they didn’t but a few months later he had a clear National screening test - I almost fell off my chair with shock - I stopped nagging and worrying - big mistake!

This summer I thought he was losing weight, he told me that it was muscle as we had not been so active during lockdown. Then I noticed when we were out walking, I was getting up hills faster than him - hurray, I thought , I’m getting so fit!

Finally he went to see a podiatrist for his fungal toe (after years of nagging) she couldn’t treat him, it was in the nail bed, and told him to contact GP for anti fungal tabs, which he did. GP prescribed tabs but wanted baseline bloods as drug v toxic. Surprise Suprise. Anaemia. So he had to answer the questions - change in bowel habit, weight etc. Referred to 14 day cancer screening, and here I am, in this welcoming forum that none of us wants to belong to.

I was v angry because if he had acted sooner, he may not have had affected nodes - but who knows! And I know he was terrified and head in the sand, it might just go away. But of course I love him so much I want to support him the best I can and COVID regulations make that so difficult.

30th March 2022, completed 4th cycle of CAPOX. Now surveillance starts. Holiday booked for R and R in Tenerife, to recharge our batteries and have some fun.