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Diagnosed in December 2019 aged 61
Had right hemicolectomy (caecum) Dec 19th, home for Christmas they said!
Had Gastro nasal tube due to Ileus and collapsed lung. Had pic line fitted to receive TPN (gross)
Staging T3 N2 M0
Home early January 2020 and recovered well within 6 weeks
6 months Chemotherapy (folfox) started mid February 2020 … treatment discontinued for 2 weeks in March due to covid uncertainties but continued after consultation with my oncologist ( put me back on it now) !
oxy had to be discontinued after 7th infusion due to severe reaction. 5FU continued to 12th pump.
No other severe reactions or nausea and overall tolerated chemo fairly well
After completion of treatment, within weeks, I started to develop peripheral neuropathy in my feet and hands. Although I still have PN it is a lot less troublesome than initially felt, I feel it most in the winter and when it’s cold or wet but it doesn’t stop me from doing any of my usual activities like gardening or walking.
All subsequent CT scans, MRI and blood tests have been fairly normal ( had a few minor hiccups initially which proved to be false alarms) Now two and a half years cancer free. ( crossing fingers here)
I will continue to be monitored for 5 years. I have CT scans and blood tests every six months along with a meeting with my oncologist and a colonoscopy every 3 years.
Hopefully my good luck and health will continue for the foreseeable. ⭐️