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Female 29 y.o.

Supporting my partner after his stage 4 diagnosis in May 2020 aged 27.

Finding solace and learning so much - about the science and about the strength we can find in going through this - from this forum as he goes through chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


My partner was diagnosed May 2020 with stage 4 bowel cancer, two liver Mets and one met in neck (lymph node?). Told KRAS mutant and inoperable/incurable but hopefully treatable.

Started on fortnightly FOLFOX - completed 10 rounds from June to October.

Half way scans after 6 rounds show shrinkage on all spots - CEA from 42 at diagnosis to 6.

After 10 rounds scans show more liver and neck shrinkage (they aren’t showing up at all on PET scans!!) but main bowel tumour remains ‘bulky’ so intense 5 day radiotherapy to start in November.

Radiotherapy for 5 days in a row whilst taking a chemo break. Severe side effects as bowel inflames in reaction to radiotherapy - needs a few trips to A&E to check not blocked.

Scans to check on radiotherapy side effects sent to surgeon to see if any surgical Intervention need to avoid blockage. Surgeon says no risk of blockage BUT given the success so far of chemo he would be happy to operate to remove the main bowel tumour !

APR booked for 21st December - surgery a success, none of the removed lymphnodes positive for cancer!

Scans after surgery show that cancer in liver still not active and can’t see anything on neck despite now being off chemo for 3 months.

March 2021 liver ablation to deal with the liver Mets which still show up on CT scan (though not active on PET). He was in and out within 24hrs and had no side effects.

Scans May 2021 show lung nodules (a few, not told how many) have appeared on CT scan. They could have been there since diagnosis but didn’t get attention as unclear.

Plan to go back into folfox after a surgery in June to deal with a persistent infection from decembers APR.