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Male 59 y.o.

I'm a 55 year old active male living in the Stirling area with my wife and daughters, diagnosed with a tumour on the lower bowel late March 2018, with surgery scheduled for May 15th 2018. There is a small indeterminate mark on my liver requiring further consideration if it transpires it is of concern. Otherwise no symptoms, still cycling vigorously up till the weekend before my op and 18 holes of golf on the Saturday. I appreciate I'm lucky to have been diagnosed at this stage with such a rapid response.
Hoping for a good outcome and maybe even a reversible stoma if my surgeon is able to join the bowel.
April 2019
Now just under a year since initial diagnosis.
Had liver resection in August 2018 followed by a course of chemo over the winter months and delighted I've now been declared all clear. Stoma is a permanent fixture but a small price to pay for life saving surgery. Back to work fully, cycling and golfing, and most importantly I can appreciate red wine again.
Massively grateful for all the care I have received from everyone I've encountered in the NHS and overall the experience has been as positive as I could have hoped for given the unexpected circumstances.
October 2020
Had a further liver resection in October 2019 to pick up some additional marks that appeared and decided to retire from business at the end of March 2020 to travel and enjoy time out with my family and friends. The COVID lockdown has meant travel has been curtailed but feeling grateful that I feel really well. Continuing on add aspirin trial and have also investigated some immunotherapy options should I need them in future.
April 2022
Continuing to keep well and healthy and being monitored closely by my consultant but in most ways I feel back to full health and now finally catching up on some of our Covid delayed travel this year. I continue to dip into the forum from time to time and realise how lucky I am to have come through this in the way I have. This is a credit in no small part to our amazing NHS, but I believe also to having a positive attitude and generally keeping fit and looking after myself.