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I'm a 43 year old mum was 39 at diagnosis, diagnosed via colonoscopy with a 6cm rectostigmoyd tumour at colonoscopy on 28/12/2017. My whole world has turned upside down. My interests include my horses and we also have a pet Pomeranian dog and a rescue boston terrier who has one eye and epilepsy, bless her. I'm in the North-East of the UK.

On 5th march 2018 finished 5 weeks chemoradiotherapy ( capecitabine)

On 30th May had robotic TME LAR surgery lasting just under 7 hours or at least that's what I thought ( recently told I went down at 8am and went into recovery at 6.15pm due to adhesions) so was longer than I thought, I now have a loop illeostomy. Histology shows no lymph nodes involved but Im emvi positive so aware Im not out of woods yet!

I finished 4 cycles( 3 months) of mop up capecitabine now just got to keep everything crossed.

15th February 2019 results of 1st CT scan and it's clear, cannot believe it!

23rd July 2020 and 6 months overdue I get the results my recent CT was clear. Im now 26 months post op but not out of the woods, just feeling extremely lucky at the moment.

Still have my ileostomy and awaiting reversal, will have to catheterise for life due to nerve damage from surgery ( there was a awkward lymph they had to take)

18th August 2021 after over 3 years my ileostomy was reversed, certainly not a easy recovery and seem to be spending a lot of time running to the bathroom, but I've been told to give it time and so I'm trying to be patient.

26th March 2022 I have a clear colonoscopy! Im in shock as now have LARS syndrome and suffer from anaemia so in the back of my mind I worried there was something not right but nope it's clear.

Taking aspirin, turmeric with black pepper, probiotics and matcha green tea. Whether it makes a difference i dont know, but helps me feel in control. I also take mirtazipine for anxiety that appeared at diagnosis.