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I am 44 and about to embark on one of my toughest journeys.

On Christmas Eve 2021 I had stomach pain and was told it was probable gallstones, put on antibiotics and sent home to enjoy Christmas on a low fat diet to keep the pain at bay.

Fast forward 5 weeks and I find myself being told my bloods showed anaemia and I was to have an ultrasound as the gallbladder may be inflamed again. Unfortunately what happened next was a huge shock. The gallbladder all well, but large mass found in liver.

GP then said ‘I’d need miracle’ I had cancer and it was incurable…….. and my world fell apart. (I have since realised that this was only prediction)

I’ve had a CT scan which shows a large mass in sections 5,6,7 liver plus two tiny nodules in 1 and 4a. More importantly too, there is mass in my Splenic Flexure in my Colon. I am now due a colonoscopy with biopsy.

So here it begins….. I will update my profile as I go.