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Female 42 y.o.

I have stage 3b bowel cancer T3N1M0. I am married with two young childern (2 &6).
I was diagnosed in jan 2018 had 5 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy then scans 6 weeks later. There was nothing left! A complete response, so i went on holiday and had scans just before i went in the August got back to a appointment to see the surgeon who said we can still not see anything there! Excellent news. So what would i like to do have a operation or go on a watch and waite.
Really hard to make such a massive decision. And they have given me the weekend to think it through! So not enough time. Eek 😐😣

Meanwhile started the menopause early at 38 due to radiotherapy!. 😭😭

25.9.18 just had the big operation and they were able to fit a temporary stoma (ileostomy) yay 😀. I'm not saying this is easy but i know in my heart I've done the right thing for me and my family. :x:

October 2018 had biopsy results back from op they took out 10 nodes and some of my bowel and found no cancer! All my treatment has worked no need for mop up chemo yay. 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊
I do not regret my decision to have the opperation as i now have peace of mind and can move on with my life with my amazing family. ❤❤
New diagnosis T0 N0 .

Feb 8 2019 -Had reversal its great to get rid of the bag! The first few months have been a bit tricky as i needed to retrain my bowel, had a stint in A&E had to have a enema...worst day ever!! But have since been fine, I'm doing my bum exercises they defo help with control. I can get quiet sore some times but it does not stop me getting on with my day to day life. Its still early days as im only 8 weeks post op. So I'm very happy with the out come. ❤