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With no symptoms at all I failed my fit test in Dec 19. Had a colonoscopy Feb 1st 20 and was told there and then it was almost certainly cancer. Surgery on 17 Feb and started chemo 9 weeks later. Stage 3 with 2 nodes. Due to my copd I’m on oral chemo.
August 2020: CEA results risen to 6.7 and pet scan which showed I have four nodes 6-8 mm in peritoneum on urethra/bladder. Completely devastated as now incurable and nurse who rang was blunt, palliative care and they can’t operate. Actually asked me if I wanted hospice, home, hospital care in final days.
My GP has requested a second opinion from Jamie Murphy..
7/8 Oncologist rang and tells me they are small and we are going to hit hard with folfiri with the hope of killing it.

10/9 JM appt and if I don’t respond to chemo he can discuss HIPEC. Also asked about RAS results as he didn’t see results. If suitable he suggested they could add cextumab into my chemo. Felt so much more positive after talking to him and his nurse.
23/9 first folfiri with added cextumab.
Nov 20- clot in right atrium at end of pic line and daily injections
Jan 21 - clot has gone
March 21- last chemo
May 5th - CRS/HIPEC under Jamie Murphy
Got sepsis in hospital but home day 14. With lung nodules but no cancer
Sept 21- no cancer and lung cyst slightly smaller.