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Visit to GP April 2018 due to passing blood and difficult toilet issues.

Diagnosed rectal cancer May 2018 after colonoscopy.

Chemoradiation June - July 2018 with good response

APR 23rd October 2018. Initial good recovery.
2 out of 32 lymph nodes affected plus EMVI. Mop up chemo suggested.

All well till 5 weeks later,then vaginal leakage. Theatre 3 :x: times since December for rectal vaginal fistula repair due to radiation burn.
Reviewed March and healing.
I worry and now suffer stress / anxiety.

January 2019 started oxaliplatin and capecetabine.
1st dose oxaliplatan not tolerated due to 3- weeks of severe neuropathy.
2nd dose oxaliplatan cancelled due to non tolerance, capecetabine only.
3rd dose oxaliplatan reduced to 75% with capecetabine. Neuropathy still poor nauseated.
Waiting to see oncologist in March for update as may be stopped.
Oxaliplatan stopped 13th March due to side effects, to continue Capecetibine only.

GP appt April due to leg pain which was told by oncologist was fluid. Sent to hospital and diagnosed with DVT. Now to inject every day.

Awaiting scan result/ scanxiety 😢😢😢