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Female 56 y.o.

Diagnosed with rectal tumour Jan 2017, lower anterior resection March 2017. All scans clear - skin tag removal August 2019 and same cancer found in skin tag

Post surgery MRI found a lump in my breast; surgery :x: 2 in January 2020 for lumpectomy and axillary clearance. 1 week of radiotherapy to follow up.

Enlarged lymph nodes also noted - found to contain bowel cancer. Started FOLFOX August 2020 for 3 months then review.

Update Nov 2020

I had a bad reaction to FOLFOX so changed to another chemo. CT scan of chest abdo pelvis shows no new cancer and lymph nodes reduced in size - last dose of chemo this Black Friday and surgery to remove offending lymph nodes in January 2021.

Update Dec 2020

PET scan shows NED!!! I am very happy but anxious that it might return ...

Update Dec 2021

MRI and CT show no changes 😊