Bowel cancer patient
Female 48 y.o.

I have a beautiful daughter, two gorgeous grandboys and a hubby who is an absolute rock!

> February: Diagnosed at 40 with stage 4 colorectal cancer (Liver Mets)
> March: 5 sessions of target radiotherapy
> April: 3mths oxycap chemo
> June: Ct scan showed fab results from the chemo and radiotherapy - rectal tumour was obliterated and the liver tumour had shrunk from 9.7cm to 4.6cm!
> July: Low lap anterior resection with ileostomy formed
> October: Liver resection.
> December:3mth course of 5fu (modified de gramont) via a picc line.

> May: Ct results not great, 3 lesions detected on my right lung consultant advised we should wait another 3mths to see how they progress.
> June: ileostomy reversed
> August: Chest Ct results - now 4 lesions on my right lung are growing, I also have a newbie on the left.
> September: PET results - pelvic, abdo and liver remain clear, treatment plan will continue for the chest.
> November: Right lung resection, 2 removed.

> January: lung mets confirmed via biopsy taken from Nov resection. Ct results - 2 remaining on the right have grown and there is another newbie on the left making 2 and 6 in total.
> February: RFA right lung, 2 ablated, hopefully meaning zero on the right lung now!
> March: Left lung resection, 2 removed, meaning a total of 6 gone across both lungs!
> April: CT results. Bowel, liver, stomach and pelvic area clear!
> April: Lung follow up - The new nodule sighted on the right is reducing, so not cancer! I'm now free of any visible cancer, no more treatment needed, 3mths break!
> August: CT results. Everywhere remains clear and my next monitoring scan will now be in 6mths.
> December: Bloods all good. CRP slightly raised but could be anything.

> January: Another clear scan.
> April: lung follow up. Another look at January’s scan by my lung team and there may be growth after all?!
> June: Activity on the left lung confirmed via Ct. Currently waiting for the next step.
> July: Lung consultant follow up. There is one met on the left which is going to be resected and one on the right (new news) which will be ablated. Resection and biopsy on the left will confirm whether to chemo or not.
> August: Microwave ablation done on my right lung.
> September: Ct results. No new nasties. Phew
> October: Full pulmonary test done. Not sure of the results, as I haven’t pursued.
> November: Chest Ct scan. I Probably won’t know the results until left lung resection day.
> December: Left Lung resection done. In total 8 Lung mets removed. CT from last month show ‘suspicious’ areas in the right lung. Again!

>January: Lung follow up. Resected lung is looking good via an :x:-ray. Secondary BC confirmed again via the biopsy (wasn't a shock). Dodgy areas confirmed on the right lung. Full scan (abdo chest etc) to be done Feb-ish and will go from there.
>April: CTresults. Everything is clear (yay!) other than two dodgy areas on my lower right Lung, which are currently stable. Overall, I'm pretty chuffed and def looking forward to 3/4mths timeout.
>August: CT results. No significant growth in the two right lung things and everywhere else remains clear! 6mth's off, yay!
>November: NM bone scan due to pain in shoulder/chest area lasting a little too long. It was all clear! Other than one ‘hot spot’ on left rib which was due to rib fracture I got via my lest lung resection. Phew! Routine CT due earlyJanuary.

> January: CT results. Abdo, liver, bowels all remain clear. Not so lucky in the lung department though. 3 new potential areas of concern making 5 now. All still very small so watching and waiting re progression (or not) for 3/4 months.
> February: 5 yeaqrs since Stage 4 diagnosis!
> May: Chest CT results. Not great. Numerous ‘unconfirmed mets’ across both lungs again. Still some stable areas too so every cloud. Proposed plan is for another lung resection on the left and three/four more ablation procedures across both lungs. This proposal has gone to the lung MDT, so am currently waiting.
>June: Via MDT and radiologist meet - further surgical procedures on my lungs have been declined as it would not be possible to treat all the suspected areas of disease without seriously compromising my lung function. So currently got the summer off and will be re-scanned and followed-up Aug/September time. Chemo is the next step.
> September: Oncologist follow up - Another 6 (yes 6!) months off! Whey hey! Things have grown slightly in both lungs, plus an extra infected node thrown in for good measure, but nothing anywhere else! So all in all steady away. We’re not fixing (yet) what isn’t broken(ish) and for me, that will do.
>December: More minor progression in numerous mets/nodes across both lungs. Starting to feel symptomatic now (hoarse voice, chest issues, etc) so have now started on FOLFIRI and feeling optimistic!

> January: Head CT due to balance/walking issues and lo and behold, I have a secondary 2.5cm brain blob.
> February: 6 years since diagnosis and feeling very fortunate!! Having Gamma Knife on the brain blob on 6th Feb, which by all accounts is a very effective treatment! Will continue with FOLFIRI afterwards.
> February 6th- Brain blob has been gamma knifed! Yay! Other than the head-frame fitting, it was a painless procedure which only took 45mins. I’ve suffered a few headaches since, but all in all what a fantastic treatment! Folfiri is to continue and I’m due a CT mid-March which I am papping myself about.
> March. Ct results were stable. Another 3 mths of folfiri with now the addition of Cetuximab. Head MRI due next mth.
>May - MRI results: Brain blob has reduced from 2.5cm to 1 and a bit cm’s. Consultant said the tumour looks ‘dead in the middle’ which is a great response by all accounts. I’ll be MRI’d again in August.
>June - CT at the Nightingale of all places! Lungs mets still stable. Elsewhere is clear bar the brain met, which is on its way out.
> August - CT at Hgt Nightingale, Head MRI at St James, Leeds. All is still stable. Now having a 3mth chemo break to fit a couple of hols in ☀️ .
>October - CT still stable after a 3mths break. Chuffed to bits! Port to be fitted Nov time and will be back on the good stuff in a month or so. Head MRI due December.
>December - Head MRI. Slight increase on right side of brain ( right posterior frontal residue) but this is likely to reflect treatment induced change. (Gamma knife). Next head MRI will be March-ish

> January - CT results. Overall disease has progressed marginally in/on both lungs, including a few newbies. Liver ‘lesion’ on right lobe (which was an alert from last scan) remains stable at 30mm. No disease elsewhere other than brain which is on it’s way out, and hopefully still as dead as door nail 🤞🏼. Aiming for April-ish to embark on Folfiri + cetuximab again. Just need to fully recover from covid, which I tested positive for on Jan 2nd, prior to this happening.
>March - Back on Folfiri+Cetuximab.
>April - Head MRI - ‘Progressive abnormality at the site of prior therapy’ MR perfusion scan to be arranged to determine tumour activity or scarring from previous gamma knife therapy. Left leg (jelly leg!) progressively getting worse due to ‘increase’ at the site, course of steroids to see if this helps. Surgery could be a possibility (if confirmed met progression) although this would be a very complex procedure. Chemo to continue and taking it all day by day🤞🏼.
>September - Due to confirmed brain tumour progression and increased symptoms affecting QOL chemotherapy was stopped and right frontal lobe craniotomy was carried out 6th Sept which Left me with motor issues in left leg and arm and reliant on a wheelchair but hey, no brain tumour! Consultant said 99%sure all the tumour had been removed!
>October - Still recovering from recent brain op and still need a wheelchair but not as reliant on it as I was. I have now started to walk very short distances with either a stick or a rollater and hoping this will improve even more so in time 🤞🏼. Headaches, migraines and dizziness have stopped! Yay! Seeing Oncologist November to discuss the re-starting of chemotherapy. Chest (lungs) are becoming symptomatic.
>November - Oncologist has said ‘no’ to further chemo. I have now been discharged and put under the care of the palliative team. Still getting my head around things which is difficult.