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Diagnosed April/May 2017 (age 47) Stage 4 colon cancer spread to both ovaries (krukenberg tumours), omentum and with a small amount of malignant ascites
June 2017 started Folfoxiri 3 rounds
July 2017 advised to stop chemotherapy by Basingstoke so operation could take place.
August 2017 Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC at Basingstoke. All tumours removed(colon, ovaries and small amount found in Omentum) T3 N0 M1 EMVI +ve. KRAS mutation
October 2017 Adjuvant chemotherapy Folfox
March 2018 Finish 9 rounds of Folfox
April 2018 End of Chemotherapy CT Scan all clear.
September 2018 CT scan + colonoscopy all clear. Blood tests fine
January 2019 CT scan all clear and blood tests fine
May 2019 CT scan all clear and blood tests fine
September 2019 CT scan all clear and blood tests fine
January 2020 CT scan clear but CEA has been slowly rising although still in normal range.
February 2020 PET scan shows small recurrence in pelvis where left ovary was.
June 2020 Second CRS and HIPEC at Basingstoke (delayed by about 6 weeks due to COVID). Small cancerous lump removed. Nothing else found.
August 2020 Started Folfox
March 2021 Post treatment scan all clear and CEA back down to 0.7
June 2021 Scan all clear CEA 0.9
August 2021 blood tests all fine CEA 1.1
October 2021 Scan all clear. CEA 0.7
December 2021 blood tests all fine CEA 1.0
February 2022 Scan all clear. CEA 1.0
April 2022 blood tests fine CEA 0.9