Posting, Tagging and Private Messages

How do I see the topics I’ve started and responses?

Just follow the ‘My Topics’ in the menu

How can I find all the topics I’ve commented in?

Just follow the ‘Commented Topics’ link in the menu.

How do I see which topics I haven’t read yet?

Just follow the ‘Latest Activity’ link in the menu, and look for topics with titles in bold.

How do I search for a particular topic?

Just go to the magnifying glass symbol at the top of every page to start a search

What is tagging?

Tagging is where you directly type another member’s name to get their attention in a thread. Just start by typing the @ symbol, and then without space start typing the member’s name to find them in the list.

What does it mean if I ‘Follow’ someone?

Following someone means you can receive notifications if they start a new thread

What is a private message?

Private messages are one-to-one messages that forum members can send to each other using the 'Message' button on a member's profile page. Any private messages you send or receive can be found in your Messages section.

Who can see private messages?

Private messages are only visible to the sender and recipient. The only exception to this is if a message recipient 'flags' a message as being offensive or worrying using the Flag button on the message. When this happens the message, and only that message, is sent to Bowel Cancer UK staff for review.

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