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Female 49 y.o.


Diagnosed with Stage IV rectal cancer. Spread to liver and lungs, lungs not suitable for surgery due to the number.

Started FOLFOX 6 chemo on the 19/2/2021. Added Avastin from cycle 2, completed 12 cycles. Finished chemo on 29/07/21, staying on Avastin.

Scan 29/9/2021 show no evidence of tumors in primary site and liver, tumors remain in lungs but are smaller. So good news the chemo mostly worked but still not suitable for lung surgery, on wait and see now with next scan in January

January 2022 - CT scan shows lung mets are growing but no other signs of cancer and I continue on Avastin and watch and wait. I have 15+ tumours across my lungs so surgery doesn't appear to be an option. CEA rising and now at 5. (It was 9 when diagnosed and dropped to 1 after chemo)

March 2022 - started COC protocol to try and slow growth and delay 2nd line chemo. Next scan in April