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Female 58 y.o.

Hi, diagnosed with high rectal colon cancer just over 3 weeks ago, 22nd jan 2021. All Scans clear so no spread although lymph nodes look inflamed. Surgery for anterior resection next Wednesday 3rd March.
Temporary ileostomy and 1 lymph node out of 27, chemo needed.
Update: 4 cycles of capox 4th may.
Informed CEA is now 1.0 , really pleased as was 19 prior to surgery!
In May 2021 thought I had side effects from chemo, was infact a significant portal,splenic,mesenteric venous thrombus and started on warfarin straight away. Felt very ill and in hospital for 2 weeks.
No reversal until clot has disappeared.
December ct scan NAD and CEA normal.
January 2022 annual colonoscopy.