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Female 40 y.o.

Went to GP in March 2021 due to ongoing blood in stool which suddenly got worse. Thankfully, was seen same-day and referred for a colonoscopy which took place 3 weeks later. In the meantime I had several blood tests and a FIT test which came back at over 400.

The colonoscopy showed a tumour in my sigmoid colon.

15/4/21 CT scan. A "tiny lesion" detected in the liver.
26/4/21 MRI scan
29/4/21 primary diagnosis T3 N1 M1 with secondary deposit on the liver
14/5/21 PET scan

Original plan had been for combined bowel and liver surgery, but I had a sigmoid colectomy on 18/5/21 due to a long waiting list for the combined surgery and due to high risk of bowel obstruction.

14/6/21 Saw oncologist. Final staging T4 N2 M1.

9/7/21 Started cycle 1 of 6 chemotherapy cycles (FOLFOX 2 weekly cycle) prior to liver resection, to be followed by 6 more cycles. DPD-deficient, so currently on 50% 5FU.