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Female 42 y.o.

Diagnosed early 2015 with stage 4 bowel cancer, spread to para-aortic lymph nodes and possibly to lungs. 8 cycles of oxy-cap before bowel resection in December 2015. 5 of 30 lymph nodes plus one para aortic lymph node positive for cancer. I've been told that spread to para-aortic node means the cancer is systemic and incurable, so it's a case of waiting for it to pop up and playing whack-a-mole for as long as I have options left.

January 2017- 6 weeks chemo-radiotherapy to treat a para aortic node recurrence

August 2017- another para aortic node recurrence, plus probable new bowel mets, peritoneal mets, ovarian mets and lung mets.

March 2018- 12 rounds of Folfiri and Cetuximab and I have no evidence of disease but do have a large benign looking cyst close to where my probably peri mets were. Referred for surgery to investigate this.

July 2018- a few more rounds of chemo while I'm waiting then a Laproscopy to look at cyst and for any other disease within abdomen. None found- woohoo! Moving onto maintenance chemo.

January 2020, CT scans still show no evidence of disease (so NED for nearly 2 years).