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Female 30 y.o.

My wonderful mum (51) was diagnosed with rectal cancer October 2018 (T2,N2a,M0) 4 lymph nodes of 23 involved (Which was not detected on the MRI scan as apparently such teeny traces) . Mild to moderately differentiated cells and no EMVI. She has since had a lower anterior resection and 6 months of chemotherapy

Feb/March 2019- emergency CT scan due to liver function going through the roof after one cycle of chemo- scan came back clear and decision made to reduce the Oxy dose to 80%

August 2019- post chemo CT shows NEDπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

December 2019- normal CEA

January 2020- CT shows NED

April 2020- CEA came back at 20. Emergency scan booked for 29th May 2020, awaiting results... very anxious time!

5th June 2020- confirmed that there is one small isolated liver met. Going to see professor in Leicester for liver resection, just awaiting date.

July 2020- further scans/investigation required as some discrepancy as to whether there was spread to a rib, thankfully results came back clear

1st September 2020- Mum booked in for liver resection of one isolated metastasis.

Post liver resection it was advised that the one isolated met was actually two Mets stuck together and there was another small met picked up via the scanner the Professor used whilst doing the op. However they are happy all cancer has been removed!!

October 2020- There were 4 tumours taken and histology showed that there was only one met, so back to what was initially thought! Mum will start a short course of chemo which will take her up until the end of the year and then everything crossed we can get on with life again.
Also a little excitement to throw into the mix, I became a parent (my parents first granchild) for the first time on the 5th October to a beautiful baby girl. With the new bundle of joy and mums treatment hopefully coming to an end we are all hoping to enjoy a healthy and happy 2021!

December 2020- life does love to throw us curve balls... my mum will be having another liver resection roughly end of January as there is cancer on the resection margin which it is believed was left behind at surgery rather than a new growth!