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Male 61 y.o.

Retired Civil Servant & english longbow archer.Married with two adult children.
No previous health issues prior to cancer diagnosis apart from sports injuries.
Mother & Maternal grandmother both died from cancer.
Mother from Brain cancer in 2008 following spread from Breast cancer.Aged 72.
Grandmother in 1939 aged 26 during operation to remove cancer from stomach area.
FIT test positive May 2021. Delayed 7 months by Covid as due October 2020 when turned 60.
Delay for Covid means may have been caught at an earlier stage rather than T3, however consultant estimated polyp became a cancerous tumour sometime between Jan 2020 & August 2020 but is an estimation only as not medically possible to prove as BC tumours grow at different rates in each individual.
BC diagnosed after colonoscopy 8/7/21.One cancerous tumour in sigmoid colon.
Number of benign polyps removed during colonoscopy.
Sigmoid colon & 43 lymph nodes removed 20.08.21
Resection done no stoma required.
Declared cancer free by consultant 15/09/21 but 7 lymph nodes infected.Mop up chemo to follow
Oncologist seen 20/09/21 CAPOX prescribed for 3 months
Capox First cycle started 27/09/21 some mild side effects.9am-13.50pm at chemo unit
Flu jab 14/10 at 0am
Capox Second cycle started 25 /10/21-2pm-14.40pm as delayed a week due to hospital visits x3 during cycle 1 for high temp above 38c on one occasion then severe diarrhoea.
So far similar side effects after Oxy infusion to cycle 1.Temp ok.
Covid Booster Jab due Sat 13/11 at 9am-Cancelled as in Hospital for severe diarrhoea.
Capox Third cycle due Monday 15/11/21 at 2pm but did not as admitted to hospital on 11/11 via 999 for 5 days inpatient treatment due to severe diarrhoea so all delayed as discharged 15/11.
Capox third cycle commenced 24/11/21 on reduced dose 6 tablets per day down from 8.
Much better cycle re side effects.Ended 8/12/21.
Because of reduced dose oncologist decided 4th cycle required at same dose as 3rd cycle.To commence 15/12/21 my 13th wedding anniversary.
Due to cease 29/12/21.
Covid Booster jab now due 12/12/21.
Verbal invitation received to join clinical trial for Aspirin treatment for post op BC T3 patients whose tumour removed by surgery but lymph nodes compromised & mop up chemo undertaken.
Unable to take part as Lactose intolerant.
chemo finished 29/12/2021.4 cycles completed one more than initial projection.
Oncologist to book CT Scan for February 2022.
Next Oncologist Telephone appointment 9/03/2022.
CT Scan undertaken 7/2/22 results due in 2 weeks.
Outpatient Surgical Telephone appointment due 23/3/22.
Belly button site of one keyhole incision now become an outie rather than an innie,
CT Scan results received 23/03/2022 all clear.
Next step bloods plus colonoscopy in June 2022.
CT Scan February 2023.
Blood results received 11/04/2022 all ok.