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Female 58 y.o.

In November 2017 at the age of 54 I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer.. Prior to this I had been going to Gp on & off for 12 months with symptoms. My husband & I moved house in the September 2017 with our twin sons who were 21 at the time. We were all so happy has we had been looking for a home like this for years.. I felt like that happiness was given to me in one hand & taken away from me in another when cancer came along.. Everyone put my 2 stone weight loss down to the stress of moving... Oh How I wish that now .
I had my surgery in December 2017 .
This was a Anterior resection . keyhole surgery, & luckily I needed no stoma.. I spent 10 days in the RD&E Exeter Hospital, being looked after by
a wonderful surgeon Mr Daniels, & his great team. I was finally discharged on xmas eve.. 19 nodes were removed , with 4 positive to cancer. T3N2MO.. Poor differientiation & EMVI. So not a good prognosis, but could of been worse.

6 months From Feb-Sept 2018 chemo..(Capox).. 2 clear scans so far , & a clear colonoscopy in Jan2019.. CEA less than 1 in Feb 2020.
I took medical retirement from nursing a year after diagnosis from the NHS after 37 years.. I did find my new life hard to adapt too, but now I just dont know how I had time to work. I have a 28 year old daughter who has given me 2 beautiful grandchildren.. ( 7&4 year old). I also have 2 step daughters & another 4 step grandchildren, from my husbands 1st marriage..
Spending most my time now, Looking after my parents, & entertaining kids.. Loving every moment !!! Also I swim everyday & love cycling.. My hubbie has been a rock. He still works hard, for Royal mail.
Living each day has it comes, & planning nice treats & holidays, has helped me through it all. Clear scan in May 2020.
August 2020. Test shows I have Lynch Syndrome. Another Hurdle.
February 2021. Clear colonoscopy