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Female 62 y.o.

I’m 59 but act 29 ( or did before this nightmare!) 2 fantastic married daughters , 2 beautiful grandchildren , very close family and brilliant lively bunch of old friends , we live just outside London , very happy until my lovely hubby Rob was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer...

Sep 2019.... rob ( a very fit cycling/ jogging / Skiing/ fun loving / hard working /59 yr old good guy ) had a bit of constipation which suddenly ended in a large area of his sigmoid colon being removed as an emergency

Our lives fell apart

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Story So far ....
Robs cancer successfully removed from his colon 🤞🏻... we hope ???....
Unfortunately it had spread to very large area of his para aortic lymph’s and we were very cruelly told by our first brutal uncaring oncologist , that the cancer was inoperable and incurable ....palliative care . Utter horror .
We managed to change that dreadful oncology team and have a much nicer team now .
unfortunately It had also spread to his left lung

Dec 2019 rob has had 6 rounds of folfox and panitumumab which we know is shrinking the cancer ( seen in recent scans )
So far not too many nasty side effects just tiredness , rashes and sensitive hands .
We have had a few devastating extra scares here and there but realise we have a very long frightening path to follow .

March 2020 rob got away with COVID pneumonia ( shock discovery from a scan ) very lightly but unfortunately no chemo for 8 weeks .

May 20 scary scans again only to find out His 1st line chemo had stopped working and now Mets in his spine .... more upset and horror
Starting injections of Denosumab (for his spine) and 2nd line chemo folfori and avastin 6rounds then the scary scans start again

Thank you ❤️ to all you kind good people on this forum for sharing your experiences .
I feel very under qualified to post on here as I don’t understand half of the terminology etc but guess I’m learning fast !!! Sorry if I make any boobs !!!
I have been in some very dark tearful places since September and I’m normally such a glass half full type , so that’s been really hard to deal with .
Reading your positive stories over and over again really helps me.

Here’s hoping that there will be many good positive stage 4 stories next year for all of us and they hurry up and find cures for this cruel vicious disease